Punjabi Gidha

YBC’s mission is to provide all kinds of entertainment for your event: traditional performances, modern dance, Punjabi gidha and more complex forms of music and movement. Whether you want a performance that will excite your guests or an experience they’ll never forget, we’re here to help!

Young Bhangra Calgary is the right choice if you want something unique and special at your next event. Our dancers are trained in their craft by some of the most talented performers in town, so rest assured that your event will succeed.

Whether it’s a wedding, birthday party, or corporate event, we know how important it is to have a professional set of the hands-on deck. We’ve got dancers who can handle all kinds of events significant to small—and can even be flown in from out of town if you need them!

Gidha is a Conventional Pastoral Dance Form demonstrated only by females. While performing this ancient dance, ladies make a circle and exhibit folk verses or bolis rhythmically with clapping. Gidha Boliyan portrays feminine Elegance, Courage, and Uniqueness. With the migration of the Punjabi community abroad, its folk dances have also reached beyond borders, such as Bhangra, Gidha, Malwai Gidha, Jhummer, etc. And if you are residing in Canada, then Young Bhangra Calgary has major implications in keeping Punjabi Heritage alive in Canada through Gidha Boliya, Bhangra Gidha, Boliyan Gidha, or Gidha Bhangra.

Gidha Dance Classes offered by Young Bhangra Calgary display emotional connectivity with their roots. It is a spontaneous Dance Form showcasing Pleasure and Thankfulness. Our Gidha Classes are the Best Gidha Classes in Calgary and the entire Canada. Our Gidha Bhangra Girls got a chance to perform in multiple events, such as Wedding ceremonies, Reception, Competitions, Events, etc.

As a Best Dance Institute in Calgary, As a Best Dance Institute in Calgary, individuals of diverse Communities can cherish and experience Gidha Classes with ease. Our distinctive representation of Bhangra Gidha performances is energetic and contributes to forming magical junctures.

Wanted to Dwell and Flourish in Humble Personality?

Excited to Learn Punjabi Folk Dances Comfortably?


Joining Young Bhangra Calgary, the Best Dance Institute, is the right solution for you!

Reasons to join Young Bhangra Calgary for Gidha Boliyan:

Our Boilyan Gidha Punjabi Dance classes are famous for some unknown reasons:

Comfortable Learning:

Our professional tutors are exceedingly brilliant at remembering the traditional essence of folk dances and making learners comfortable in knowing the Bhangra Gidha steps effortlessly.

Grab Spotlight:

Our Punjabi Boliyan Gidha performers engage people with their energetic and unseen Gidha Boliyan moves performed in various festivities. The steps of our Punjabi Gidha are not only complicated but also exceptional and rare.

Traditional Values:

Punjabi Gidha is a vibrant dance form carried out on various occasions on the beat of Dhol or by producing sound with claps. Traditionally, it was celebrated, especially during the sowing and reaping of the harvest, but nowadays, people have shown interest in Boliyan Gidha performing in all the joyous moments.

Gidha Classes:

As per the necessity of our learners, we adhere to offering Personal Gidha Classes or Group Gidha Classes. From Beginners to mediums to Experts, we have divided our classes into three categories as per the Bhangra Gidha skills of our entertainers.

Punjabi Gidha

Our Gidha Bhangra Performers bind the moment of any occasion with exceptionally striking moves and create everlasting memories. Wherever our Female Gidha Artists have performed, the crowd has always exhilarated them with the catchphrase of “Once-More,” “Once-More.”

Where can I find the Young Bhangra Best Dance Institute in Calgary for Gidha Classes?

Our Gidha Boliya enthusiast trainers have a deep understanding of Punjabi Culture and hold mastery in all Punjabi Regional Dance Forms. We welcome all the communities with open arms if they want to indulge in the wealthy and extensive existence of Punjabi Culture for Gidha Boliyan Training.

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So let's relive authentic Punjab through the vibrancy portrayed via Indigenous dance forms!

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