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Bhangra is Punjab’s most popular and traditional folk dance. People love doing the Bhangra to showcase excitement and happiness in their lives.

But, Are you a Canadian Punjabi living far from your home country?

Want to take Bhangra Classes in Canada? There is no better alternative than joining Dance Institute – Young Bhangra Calgary!

It is a prestigious Bhangra School in Calgary and Chestermere, open to providing Bhangra Classes to all age groups and communities. Through our Bhangra Classes, our students learn the correct techniques to perform each step which is:

Bhangra School

Bhangra Performers of Young Bhangra Calgary are invited to Various Canadian Schools, Events, and Celebrations to showcase the significance of Traditional Folk Dance – Bhangra in Punjabi Culture to the students regardless of their cultural backgrounds.

Why Bhangra School of Young Bhangra Calgary?

Canada is a country of diversity where people of different nations are always eager to learn the customs and traditions of the new culture. Various Schools, Colleges, Events, Cultural Gatherings, and so on. Young Bhangra Calgary is also recognized as the best Punjabi Dance Choreographer.

Unparalleled Expertise: There is no better option for Calgary and Chestermere residents to choose Young Bhangra Calgary as Bhangra School near them. We introduce learners to various traditional Bhangra significances.

Connected Community: We welcome people of all age groups to learn Bhangra. Our Bhangra School is the right place to make new connections while satisfying an urge to comprehend Bhangra.

Empowering Youth: From organizing workshops in Schools to performing in various events, we empower youth by introducing them to the real meaning of Cultural Bonding through Bhangra School.

Special Classes in School: Young Bhangra Calgary tutors taught in various Elementary and High Schools in their gym periods, which are FFCA High School, Crescent Heights High School, Nelson Mandela High School, Peter Lougheed Junior High School, and Ian Bishop Catholic High School.

Bhangra School of Young Bhangra Calgary offers personal Bhangra classes to Groups Bhangra Classes where kids, teenagers, to adults, everyone participates and practices Bhangra moves with the same exuberance and charisma.

It’s the knowledge of our tutors that makes us unique among other Bhangra Schools. Our prime focus is to make the essence of Punjabi Culture alive in Canada. Our locations where you can easily find us is at:

Our Bhangra School adds value to your cultural acquaintance.

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