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All of our performances will add a special touch to all of your events, and leave you mind-blown. We offer a variety of performances, to help add an unique element to any type of event you are hosting. We have created different packages of our performances, so you can decide which one you believe will be best for your event. Regardless of what package you chose, all the performances that are being provided will leave you and your guests astonished!

Wedding Gig Bhangra Booking

Bhangra Fitness

Our diamond package provides you with a variety of services in one package. You will be provided with a dhol entrance for the main entries for your event. Along with this, there will be an amazing performance with 6 of our talented performers, and there will be a dholi with the performance as well.

Our premium package consists of an energetic performance with our 6 talented performers, along with a dhol player during the performance.
Our gold package includes a breathtaking performance by our 6 talented performers.
Our silver package includes a fabulous performance done by 4 of our talented performers.

Wedding Gig Giddha Booking

- Performances for mehndi/jaggo

- Music or live performance

1. Live giddha

This package includes a folk live giddha performance with 7 girls, including a dholk player, with live boliyan

2. Music Giddha Package #1

This package includes 7 girls on a giddha audio track showing off their energetic skills.

3. Music Giddha Package #2

This package includes 5 girls on a giddha audio track showing off their energetic skills.
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Jaggo Night

Our jaggo package provides a one of a kind experience along with involving all of your guests. This package includes a singer for boliyan, a dholi, and bugchu or chimta player. It will result in a memorable night.

Wedding Dhol

Our package includes a dholi player who will play dhol for your entire function, resulting in a energetic dance floor, and an amazing night.

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