Turban Tying

The Turban (Dastaar) plays a significant role in Sikh culture. It is an inseparable part of Sikh life as it depicts Honour, Self-respect, Spirituality, Responsibility, and Holiness in Sikhism. In Sikh History, Sikh Males need to keep long coiled hair (Kes) intact with a Turban (Dastaar), while it is optional for women. Wearing a Turban exhibits Gratitude, Respect, and Love towards the founder of the Khalsa, Guru Gobind Singh Ji. Sikhs regard Turban as a vital part of the Unique Sikh Identity as they considered it a spiritual crown and a gift from Guru to Singhs and Kaurs.

Young Bhangra Calgary provides Turban tying services for any type of occasion. YBC representative will tie different styles of turbans according to your choice. We also tie Bhangra-style Turbans for competitions and other events.

Turban Tying Services

Punjabi Turban Tying

Tying a Turban is a ritual that is performed every morning in the life of a Sikh. All the ten Sikh Gurus of the Sikh Religion wore Turban by themselves. A Sikh needs to be very careful while wearing or removing a Turban by considering the following:

  • Turban (Dastaar) never touches the floor
  • Carefully Shaken Out
  • Stretching must be proper
  • Neatly fold makes it ready for the next use

Turban Tying Professionals of Young Bhangra Calgary have deep knowledge of different styles of tying Punjabi Turban. We offer our Turban Tying services for special occasions like Wedding Ceremonies, Dastar Bandi, Cultural Events, Jaggo, etc. Turban Tying does not specifically belong to just wrapping up hair (kes), it also consists of taking care of the beard.

Following are the few steps that you should be aware of tying a Turban (Dastaar):

Popular Turban Fabrics

There is a variety of options of Turban Fabrics from light-weight to heavy such as:

Turban Tying Styles

If you’re residing in Calgary and seeking the brilliant Turban Tying Service near you, then Young Bhangra Calgary is the right place! We have helped hundreds of enthusiasts flourish in their turban-tying styles.

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