Malwai Gidha

Malwai Gidha is the folk dance of males of the Malwa region of Punjab, India. This includes Boliyan (Folk poetry). Many particular instruments are used in it including tumbi, chimta, Kato, and many more.

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Malwai Gidha is a Traditional Dance Form of Punjab, performed by a group of aged Bachelor Males, also called Babey. It is a slow dance form executed rhythmically. In the present era, Malwai Gidha is executed by Young Males.

Malwai Gidha

Young Bhangra Calgary: Best Dance Institute in Calgary for Malwai Gidha

Malwai Gidha is Punjab’s Regional Dance Form that celebrates happiness and makes people of different communities connected by performing it in the most fun-loving and joyous way. Due to this Dance Academy, people feel close to and related to their culture and roots. We hold the title of Best Malwai Gidha Group in Canada as we have performed in multiple events, such as Weddings, Parties, Receptions, Concerts, etc. We offer Dance classes to students to make them aware of their traditions.

There are a variety of instruments played by our Malwai Gidha dancing group as well to create the tunes of the songs, and these instruments are categorized as:


The Malwai Giddha is performed with an instrument with a high pitch called a tumbi, also referred to as a toombi. The instrument is often associated with Punjabi traditional music, but it is also widely used in Western Bhangra.


Tongs, sometimes referred to as chimta, are a staple of Punjabi traditional dancing. With the inclusion of brass jingles, it has recently developed into one of the traditional South Asian instruments. Along with Gurbani Kirtan, it is employed in a variety of dancing styles.


A very common instrument utilized in a variety of dance styles, including Malwai Giddha, Bhangra, and others, is the Kato. The name Kato was chosen for this instrument simply because the design is akin to that of a squirrel, and the word itself means "squirrel" in the literal sense. The instrument is used in many dances because it represents people's enjoyment.


Another Punjabi musical instrument, the Sapp, is utilized in a variety of dancing styles, including Malwai Giddha and Bhangra. Performing Malwai Gidha in Canada is a proud moment as people of different nations get exposure to Punjab's Folk Dance.

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