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Punjabi boliyan are used to express emotions over different situations. This is a unique form of Punjabi music, which originated in South Asia but has since been adapted for use in other cultures worldwide.

YBC’s representatives will be there with their dhol and singing boliyan to fill your event with more joy and happiness. 

Young Bhangra Calgary is a thriving Dance Academy that offers various cultural Dance Forms into the life of others! Learning Dhol Boliyan is an exciting exploration of the traditional Punjabi dance style and thrilling rhythms. Our academy provides a welcoming atmosphere for people of all ages to learn, connect, and celebrate the joy of Bhangra, regardless of their level of dancing experience.

The term “Dhol” relates to the traditional double-sided drum, and the term “Boliyan” indicates the beautiful verses sung while dancing. Dhol Boliyan produces an unforgettable experience that draws the attention of both the performers and the audience in celebrations of Punjabi culture that uses music and dance to convey happiness and unity.

Why choose Young Bhangra Calgary for Dhol Boliyan?

Dhol Boliyan

Begin the Journey of learning Dhol Boliyan with Young Bhangra Calgary

Our classes present an extensive curriculum that covers numerous aspects of this rhythmic art form. We teach students the basic strategies for playing the dhol, such as hand positioning, stroke techniques, and rhythm variations, through a systematic program. While performing as a group, students also learn the value of synchronization and coordination.

Our experienced instructors teach the expressive Boliyan verses together with the drumming techniques, enabling students to better understand the cultural significance of the lyrics and engage with the music more deeply.

In addition to technical training, we emphasize the cultural context of the Dhol playing pattern and emphasize folklore, exposing students to the rich folklore and traditions associated with Bhangra. Our classes display the history, significance, and cultural nuances of this art form, giving students a complete understanding of its roots and evolution.

Our students participated in various community events to showcase their talent, skills, and passion for their cultural heritage. Young Bhangra Calgary is a perfect place for those who are ready to fully immerse themselves in the exciting world of Dhol, Boliyan, and Bhangra.

If you are in Canada and curious to learn Dhol Boliyan in a fun and rewarding manner, then you should begin your learning journey with Young Bhangra Calgary. Along with offering dancing classes, we introduce our learners to the true value of Punjabi Culture and Community.

Our performers are professionals who will make your events, such as Weddings, Ring Ceremonies, Jaggo, Parties, or Events unique and memorable. Adding a touch of Rich Punjabi Culture via Dhol Boliyan completes your event in all factors and leaves an essence of togetherness. Interested people can easily book us for their grand events in Calgary, Chestermere, or any state of Canada.

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